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Our Difference

Our Difference

Chronic Care Management Group Partnership

In collaboration with Dr. Brownell H. Payne, Medical Director/CEO of Chronic Senior Care, Chronic Care Management Group. To make a difference, we provide valuable referrals to individuals with “Original Medicare” who have two or more chronic illnesses.

Concierge Care Management

Concierge care management is the coordination between senior and health care professionals

NeuroCare Network™

Healthcare professionals who share our core values to provide a wide range of services from chronic care management, home health care agencies, hospice, home automation, senior placement and more.

Neurological Disorders Care Specialists

We specialize in the care of clients with neurological diseases that affect the brain, spinal cord, and nerves throughout the body. Our caregivers are specifically trained to assist clients who may have neurological problems such as difficulty with their memory, moving, speaking, or swallowing. Through our ongoing relationships with various neurological healthcare organizations and medical specialists, NeuroCare Specialty Home Care receives the most up to date information on care procedures. (Omit and)

Sports Division

Neuropsychiatric, behavioral and mood alterations, cognitive and motor-coordination impairment, difficulties with swallowing or speech articulation and Parkinsonism caused by repetitive brain trauma in current and retired athletes of contact sports like American football and boxing.

Traveling Caregivers and Personal Travel Companions

Domestic and international traveling caregivers provide support and assistance while traveling or during a family vacation.

NeuroCare Connect ™

Preserving independence with smart home automation and medical alert systems through our community partnerships.

App Based Real Time Caregiver Monitoring System

Our real time caregiver monitoring system improves the quality of client care through continuous and real time monitoring of our caregivers. Our caregivers clock in and out through our advanced telephone system that allows us to effectively track hours and attendance in real time.

Quality Assurance of Care

NeuroCare Specialty Home Care has created a quality assurance program which guarantees high standards of quality care and service for our clients. All caregivers are supervised by a registered nurse, licensed vocational nurse or social worker care manager, who makes regular and unannounced home visits to ensure the health and safety of our clients. We’re able to update and adjust your care based on these visits and provide feedback from the client and family members through our online customer surveys.

Integrative Caregiver Training

Mindful Care ™ – Our proprietary caregiver awareness training program is designed to create an enriching home environment that supports the physical, emotional, social, mental, and spiritual well-being of your loved one.

Caregiver Matching System

EQ Matching™ – Our exclusive EQ caregiver matching system accurately assesses our caregiver’s skills, abilities, empathy, optimism, flexibility, adaptability, service orientation, respectful listening skills and much more. This, then, allows us to match the perfect caregiver for each client and enables us to give our clients optimum care.

All Our Policies, Procedures and Systems are fully HIPPA Compliant