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Flexible Schedule Options

NeuroCare Specialty Home Care provides customized services and options of care based on the initial and regular assessments conducted by our Care Management Team. Listed are some of the services we can provide.

Intermittent Care

Intermittent Care is available in increments of 60 or 90 minutes to provide assistance with bathing, dressing, medication reminders or any specific service.
Intermittent Care Benefits
Intermittent Care Can Assist Those Who
Hourly Care
Our professional caregivers can provide a host of non-medical services to suit your needs on an hourly basis. No hourly minimum required.
Hourly Care Benefits
Hourly Care Can Assist Those Who
24- Hour Care
Assistance provided 24 hours a day consists of two 12-hour shifts, or three 8 hour shifts of caregivers, alert and awake, which provide care on a continual basis.
24- Hour Care Benefits
24- Hour Care Benefits Those Who
Respite Care
Our quality respite care and support services allow family caregivers to take regularly scheduled or occasional breaks. It’s convenient and minimizes confusion and disturbances in schedules or surroundings.
Respite Care can Benefit Client’s with
Respite Care Allows Family Caregivers to